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AntumID Consortium

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(AntumID MultiChain) Through this consortium we ensure that the API can be used for every connected crypto project (members). In this way we create a global authentication system, each of which can retain its original individuality.

Open AntumID for Developers

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Integration  of OpenAntumID enables your users to log-in/register without the need of username and passwords. Read more information on OpenAntumID website.

MyDigiPassword Platform

Open MyDigiPassword Platform

The world's first blockchain-powered password generator, 2FA generator and manager without saving passwords! You can use it on every website/app/service you want.

Use 1 QR code to log in to all your websites and with support for 2FA .
A complete replacement for LastPass, KeePass, etc ...  without saving passwords!

MyDigiTrust Platform


Trust an be trusted on the internet!



Secure your core wallet(s) with your AntumID.



The world's first secure archive file format powered by DigiByte blockchain technology" Secure your ZIP files with AntumID!

AntumID Platform (deprecated)

Open AntumID

Create your online identity, trust others and be trusted with your AntumID.
Make yourself trustworthy and take full advantage. Protect your privacy with AntumID and AntumID verified ID.

Use 1 QR-Code to login on all AntumID based websites, services or AntumID based plug-in(s) like SmartLogin.