Your digital world privacy ID, to log in securely, to share your ID data or to sign by using DigiByte blockchain technology.

Step 1 - Download DigiByte APP for IOS or Android

Step 2 - What type of AntumID can you create?
Choose from the options below.

AntumID Lite

Create AntumID Lite

Create an AntumID based on your own input.

Anyone can create this type of AntumID.

This type of AntumID is useful for sharing your personal information with other online services that are available on the AntumID platform. 

This ID can be used worldwide.

AntumID eID

Create AntumID eID

Create AntumID  with eID

*Every Belgian citizen has an electronic identity card and can make this type of AntumID.

This ID has the same possibilities as an AntumID Lite but the identity has been validated by the government.

This means that your ID is globally of the highest reliable level.